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Bataan Markers

List of Sponsors/Donors – Kilometer Markers, Mariveles, San Fernando

0 -Mariveles F.A.M.E. Km. 0 -Mariveles Municipal Compound
1 – M Sidney Handler/S Bobelock Mariveles Export Zone
2 – M Johnson String Instrument/S Bobelock Mariveles Export Zone
3 – M Potter Violin/S Bobelock Mariveles Export Zone
4 – M Steve Bobelock Mariveles “Zig-zag”
5 – M Asian Development Bank U.S.emp. Mariveles “Zig-zag”
6 – M Paul Ropp Mariveles “Zig-zag”
7 – M Battling Bastards Top of “Zig-zag” – near Hospital 1
8 – M Don Ado Escudero/Villa Escudero Cano family home, Mariveles, Bataan
9 – M Karl M. Issacson – 21st Pursuit Squad. Mr. De Los Santos bakery, Mariveles, Bataan
10 – M Marvyn Mark Mariveles, Bataan
11 – M Lt. Col. Walter Dencker (Helen Osborne) Mariveles, Bataan
12 – M Sgt. Wm Clark c/o John Shively Mariveles, Bataan
13 – M Mr. Steven A. Bobelock Opp. Mountain View Subdivision, Mariveles, Btn.
14 – M Ms. “Bobby” Greenwood/AmCham Opp. Villa Carmen Resort, Cabcaben, Bataan
15 – M Antonio Sinon – (GI Post) Cabcaben, Bataan
16 – M Cases International Phils., Inc.(Bobelock) Junction of Cabcaben Road, Bataan
17 – M Sgt. Wm. Clark c/o Valor Tours Cabcaben, Bataan
18 – M Steve and Mary Bobelock Cabcaben/Lamao area – Bataan
19 – M Gen. Macarthur Honor Guard In front of Bay Spring Resort, Lamao, Bataan
20 – M Bruce and Victoria Weaver Near DND Arsenal, Lamao, Bataan
21 – M Kiwanis Club, Sub. Sacramento, CA/ for Bristow Bus stop, near former Lamao Airfield
22 – M Petron-Bataan Refinery Alangan, Bataan
23 – M U.S. Embassy Employees Club (USEC) Junction of Lamao Road, Alangan, Bataan
24 – M Fred Baldassarre (son of BBB) Barrio Luz, Limay, Bataan
25 – M Celso Aurelio Limay, Bataan
26 – M Major Ricard Gordon (BBB) Limay, Bataan
27 – M Donald Felbaum family Along old Road, Limay/Orion (Post type)
28 – M F. James & B. Hammer (c/o Boblock) Limay/Orion area, Bataan
29 – M Schurtz and Greeman Limay/Orion, Bataan
30 – M Sithe Philippine Holdings In front of Putting Buhangin School, Orion
31 – M American Chamber of Commerce Junction of Orion Road, Orion
32 – M Mr. Phil Gielczyk/AmCham In front of Daan Pare Elementary Sch., Orion
33 – M ADBC – American Nurses Orion, Bataan
34 – M ADBC -Filipino Nurses Orion, Bataan
35 – M 1st Lt. Robert F. McClure Orion, Bataan
36 – M ADBC – Medics Orion/Pilar area, Bataan
37 – M Ed and Carm Uhde Pilar, Bataan
38 – M Rick Slater Pilar, Bataan
39 – M Anne and Tom Polhill Bantan Elementary Sch., Pilar, Bataan
40 – M JANESVILLE 99 (192nd Tank) Pilar, Bataan
41 – M Mrs. Edna Binkowski/ Claire Phillips Pilar, Bataan
42 – M Enna de Guzman/Florentino de Guzman Pilar, Bataan
43 – M Drs.Bienvenido and Fely Camacho Balanga, Bataan
44 – M Bataan Chamber of Commerce Balanga Plaza, Balanga, Bataan
45 – M Illinois AMVETS Service Foundation Balanga, Bataan
46 – M AMVETS SAD SACKS Balanga, Bataan
47 – M Amb. Paul Speltz Barrio Capitangan, Abucay, Bataan
48 – M AMVETS – OHIO Abucay, Bataan
49 – M AMVETS Charities Abucay, Bataan
50 – M Mr. & Mrs. James P. Weir (Citibank) Barrio Calaylayan, near Abucay, Bataan
51 – M American War Orphans Network Barrio Mabatang, Abucay, Bataan
52 – M American War Orphans Network Barrio Mabatang, Abucay, Bataan
53 – M Mr. Henry Brimo Barrio Kalaguiman, Samal, Bataan
54 – M Carmen Guevara (GI Post) Barrio Kalaguiman, Samal, Bataan
55 – M AMVETS – SAD SACKS Samal, Bataan
56 – M Illinois AMVETS Service Foundation Samal, Bataan
57 – M Ms. Beth Dawson Samal, Bataan
58 – M Bataan Association Midwest Orani, Bataan
59 – M William Rowan (Bivouac of the Dead) Orani, Bataan
60 – M James Huff Orani, Bataan
61 – M Ty D. Hutson Orani, Bataan
62 – M David L.Bowman Orani, Bataan
63 – M Beverly and Shaun Fitzpatrick Orani/Hermosa area, Bataan
64 – M Beverly and Shaun Fitzpatrick Hermosa, Bataan
65 – M Beverly and Shaun Fitzpatrick Hermosa, Bataan
66 – M PAGA Hermosa, Bataan
67 – M Asian Development Bank U.S. Emp. Barrio Culis, Layac, Bataan
68 – M Federal Express Barrio Balsik, Layac Junction, Bataan
69 – M US Embassy Public Affairs / Amb. Ricciardone Daang Bago Elem. School, Dinapupihan, Bataan
70 – M BG Selleck Balsik High School, Brgy. Balsik, Hermosa
71 – M Col. Alfred Xerez-Burgos between Barrio Balsik & Barrio Saba, Layac Area
72 – M Randy Anderson between Barrio Balsik & Barrio Saba, Layac Area
73 – M American Women’s Club of the Philippines Prado Saba Elem School, West District, Lubao, Pampanga
74 – M HHM 364 Purple Foxes Prado Siongco Elem.School, Lubao, Pampanga
75 – M Mr. Antonio Diaz In front of landscape Garden, Lubao
76 – M Philippine Geothermal Inc. Laocpau Elem. School, Lubao, Pampanga
77 – M American Women’s Club San Roque Arbol Elem.School, Lubao, Pampanga
78 – M Dee Zobel Palcarangan, Pampanga
79 – M AMVETS Charities Palcarangan, Pampanga
80 – M Illinois AMVETS Service Foundation Lubao area, Pampanga
81 – M VFW POST 2485, Angeles City Sta. Cruz Central Elem. School, Lubao, Pampanga
82 – M Jessie Huberty Barrio Remedios, Pampanga
83 – M American Association of the Philippines Hi-way Juction, Lubao, Pampanga
84 – M Alfred D. McMicking Lubao, Pampanga
85 – M Amb. Henry Leach (France) Lubao, Pampanga
86 – M AMVET Charities Lubao, Pampanga
87 – M Jack E. Brady Guagua, Pampanga
88 – M Illinois AMVETS Service Founation Guagua, Pampanga
89 – M AMVETS SAD SACKS Guagua, Pampanga
90 – M AMVET SAD SACKS Guagua, Pampanga
91 – M AMVETS – SAD SACKS Guagua, Pampanga
92 – M AMVET Charities Guagua, Pampanga
93 – M AMVET – SAD SACKS San Nicolas, Pampanga
94 – M AMVET Charities San Nicolas, Pampanga
95 – M AMVET SAD SACKS Bacolor, Pampanga
96 – M AMVET Charities Bacolor, Pampanga
97 – M AMVET Charities Bacolor, Pampanga
98 – M Illinois AMVETS Service Foundation Bacolor, Pampanga
99 – M Col. Generoso Tanseco Bacolor, Pampanga
100 – M Pvt. Charles Peterson c/o Mrs. Dorothy Thomson San Fernando, Pampanga
101 – M Richard McMahon San Fernando, Pampanga
102 – M Maywood Bataan Day Organization, IL San Fernando, Pampanga
106 – M Battling Bastards Capas Railway Station, Tarlac
107 – M USAID Philippines Camp O’Donnell Road, Capas, Tarlac
108 – M US Marine Security Camp O’Donnell Road, Capas, Tarlac
109 – M US Veterans Affairs, Manila Calumpit Bridge, Camp O’Donnell Rd., Tarlac
110 – M Sgt. Harold Amos Private Home, Camp O’Donnell Rd., Tarlac
111 – M Sgt. Raymond Kenney Resort, Camp O’Donnell Rd., Tarlac
112 – M Sgt. Richard Francies (Non-FAME marker – old Camp O’Donnell gate)
100- M – Special Marker Elk’s Lodge, Manila – Centennial in honor of fallen members Clark Cemetery, former Clark Airbase, Angeles City
0 – Bagac Montemar Beach Club Bagac Town
1 – B AMVET Charities
2 – B Cahill & Uglow for Uglow
3 – B AMVET Charities
4 – B David Erickson
5 – B AMVET Charities
6 – B Pruskauer- Mandelson
8 – B AMVET Charities
10 – B ADBC – Filipino People
11 – B ADBC – Resistance Groups
12 – B 194th Tank Battalion
13 – B Col. Ernie B. Miller – 194th Tank Battalion
14 – B Lt. Col. Hortense Mckay
15 – B Brown/Wilson – Tinley
16 – B Parrish, Fritzell,Neiger + 2
17 – B Wm/Mariel Kirwin(“to Filipino brothers”)
18 – B VFW Post 3437/ Sweet Home,OR) Barrio Carmon, Bagac, Bataan
19 – B Asian Development Bank U.S. Emp. Barrio Diwa, Bagac, Bataan
20 – B USA Boy Scouts Troop 351 – Manila
21 – B International School Manila
22 – B Capt. Pearson c/o Paul Arnold Barrio Carmon, Pilar, Bataan
23 – B Asian Development Bank U.S. Emp. Total Gas Station, Roman/Bagac Road Junct.
24 – B Tillman Rutledge (BBB) Pilar area, Bataan
25 – B American Legion – Okinawa Pilar area, Bataan
26 – B American Legion – Post 94



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Meeting with the Department of Public Works and Hiways in Bataan. Rosalie and I met with the heads of the DPWH this past Monday concerning the protection of the Death March Markers. An agreement was reached on FAME being notified of any road work that may endanger Death March Markers. I will be turning over to them the GPS coordinates of each Marker in Bataan. This will help them determine if any Markers are in the path of road work . I received some very disturbing news from the engineers. The National Hwy. or Roman Hwy. as it is known here is being widened from 4 lanes to 6 lanes. The road from Bagac to the Roman Hwy. is being widened from 2 lanes to 4 lanes and parts of the National Road are being widened from 2 lanes to 4 lanes. This may affect upwards of 60 Markers which will have to be relocated. This will be a massive and very expensive undertaking. To tell the truth, I am not sure at this point in time that FAME has the funds to tackle this. It will be the main topic at out next board meeting.

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It was a massively expensive ordeal in terms of lives but it ensured the Philippines a return of their lost freedom.
We, of course, maintain all of the Death March Markers and various other monuments in the Philippines to those who, despite wanting to live, chose to in what way they could, to give us this day.

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