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Dedicate a Death March Marker...

The Board of the Filipino American Memorials Endowment has approved a significant new opportunity for individuals and businesses to provide for the continued maintenance of these important monuments to the heroes of Bataan and Corregidor.

This is an opportunity to dedicate a Death March Marker to a relative who made the March. The Dedication tile on the marker, in addition to the Sponsor’s name, will have your dedication on it. Below you will see a photo of a marker solely with the sponsor’s name. On the right photo, we have illustrated what the dedication tile would look like. These new tiles are permanent and have the text and illustrations burned into them, They will remain that way for decades.

FAME is asking that those interested pay the $200 cost to replace all the tiles on the marker and an extra $100 to maintain the markers. Total cost $300. At the moment we have about 20 available possibly more.This is Tax deductible. The cost for these dedication plaques is $300USD (PHP 15,000). That cost will cover the purchase of the custom permanent plaque  and provide $100 (PHP 5,000) for continued Death March Marker maintenance.

Plaques are approximately 9″ x 12″.

Artist’s rendition of plaque placement on a Death March Marker.


To purchase a plaque, please use one of the options below (we prefer Credit Card for fastest response).

Email your dedication message to VP Robert Hudson – callmebobplease@yahoo.com

Note that we recommend NO MORE THAN 20 WORDS on your dedication. The more words you use, the smaller (and less readable) the text will be on your plaque. After we receive your payment and dedication wording email, we will confirm the layout of the text with you before proceeding. Once your plaque is installed, we will send you photos and a short video showing the location.

If we are unable to contact you to confirm, we will assume that you will accept our best effort to create the plaque you wanted.

Cash Payments

Can be made at the American Chamber office, 2/F Corinthian Plaza Building, Paseo de Roxas, Makati. Click here for directions from your location.

Credit Card/Online Donations




Check Donations

Click here to print the form. Fill it out completely and mail it (with your check) to the appropriate address as shown on the form for your location. This form will allow us to mail you your tax receipt for tax deduction documentation.

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News from VP Robert Hudson. ...

Meeting with the Department of Public Works and Hiways in Bataan. Rosalie and I met with the heads of the DPWH this past Monday concerning the protection of the Death March Markers. An agreement was reached on FAME being notified of any road work that may endanger Death March Markers. I will be turning over to them the GPS coordinates of each Marker in Bataan. This will help them determine if any Markers are in the path of road work . I received some very disturbing news from the engineers. The National Hwy. or Roman Hwy. as it is known here is being widened from 4 lanes to 6 lanes. The road from Bagac to the Roman Hwy. is being widened from 2 lanes to 4 lanes and parts of the National Road are being widened from 2 lanes to 4 lanes. This may affect upwards of 60 Markers which will have to be relocated. This will be a massive and very expensive undertaking. To tell the truth, I am not sure at this point in time that FAME has the funds to tackle this. It will be the main topic at out next board meeting.

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We are happy that you stopped in to visit our page and hope you find something of value here.
We exist to memorialize the men and women who stood up to a foreign aggressor and saved freedom for themselves, their families and especially their country.
It was a massively expensive ordeal in terms of lives but it ensured the Philippines a return of their lost freedom.
We, of course, maintain all of the Death March Markers and various other monuments in the Philippines to those who, despite wanting to live, chose to in what way they could, to give us this day.

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