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What is FAME?

The Filipino-American Memorial Endowment Incorporated (FAME) is a non-stock, non-profit foundation established in the Philippines and the United States by business executives and veterans. Founded in 1986 under the auspices of the American Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines, Inc. FAME, Inc is solely supported by donations with an all-volunteer Board and Advisory Councils.



FAME‘s mission is to help preserve and maintain tangible reminders of the shared values for which Americans, Filipinos and their allies fought side-by-side in World War II.


We are in contact with a large network of veterans organizations and former POW’s (individuals and organizations) who provide a variety of information dissemination and exchange, enabling us to assist interested parties to trace whereabouts of individuals (e.g.,MIA’s) or events of WWII.

We are a non-profit organization with limited staff therefore we ask that a donation be made to FAME to cover expenses for any such services involving research, documentation, mailing services and other incidentals.


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Challenge Coin price reduction

Challenge Coin price reduction

The FAME Board of Directors is encouraging the Christmas season of giving by lowering the cost for individual purchases of the LIMITED EDITION FAME CHALLENGE COIN. Each coin is now just $19.95 (a 20% reduction!) and includes free shipping in the US (and APO/FPO...

FAME VP Urges Respect For Markers

FAME VP Urges Respect For Markers

Filipino American Memorial Endowment 2nd VP Robert Hudson recently raised awareness of the shocking ways some of the hallowed Bataan Death March Markers have been treated by road workers and others. That original post went viral in the Philippines and generated some...

Complete Philippine Scouts Roster – Alphabetical

Complete Philippine Scouts Roster – Alphabetical

Robert Hudson, FAME VP, has provided us with another great file full of information for research. This time, it's a roster of Philippine Scouts in alphabetical order. The link to the PDF file is below. This PDF has been optimized to permit you to use search (Ctrl-F)...

Research News

Rosters Updated

A quick note that the COMPLETE BILIBID ROSTER and BILIBID LIBERATION ROSTER both have been updated by Bob Hudson and posted online. You can find the updated COMPLETE BILIBID ROSTER here. Youn can find the updated BILIBID LIBERATION ROSTER here.

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Remember Bataan! The further we travel into the future, the more important the past becomes. Let’s not repeat the mistakes, or forget our heroes.

Steve G.

Bataan Defender Descendant

Supporting FAME allows me to pay respect to my grandfather and uncles who fought and died in WWII.

Maya L.


FAME is a valuable resource for researchers in topics such as World War II and the role the Philippines played in that war.

Gregory F.


The combination of this incredible paradise and these moving memorials helps me more fully appreciate the struggles to make the Philippines the vibrant country it is today!

Anna K.


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